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Monday, November 26, 2007

Photo with Santa! 11/26

Lotus' first photo with Santa! She did not scream but would not smile and laugh like she does at home. Enjoy photo!


Jeff and Michelle said...

Hello! Just checking in on you guys! I love the Santa photo, she did great! I am pretty sure Lilyann will scream when we go. Oh! We also had just purchased water to bring on the plane in Hong Kong. They made us dump ours right before boarding too. I was not happy either! We sat there trying to drink it all before we got on. Glad things are going well!

art said...

Lotus looks wondeful! I have been checking in to see how you all are doing....thanks for the update!


Sharon Flath said...

She is beautiful! I am hangin on your every word of how this transition is going! You are brave and strong to get through this with hardly any sleep. I hope I will make it! haha

Kellyann said...

Look her squeaky shoes even match her outfit! It sounds like she is doing well with her forever Mommy and Daddy!