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Thursday, October 25, 2007

6 Days and Counting!

Not that I am counting or anything. Lol! On Thursday, Kathy had given me a beautiful silk chinese outfit for Lotus and a cute photo album, she is so sweet. I cannot wait for Lotus to meet Kathy's daughter Sarah. Friday was my last day at Gymboree, they had a cake for Kevin and me. They gave us a very generous gift for Lotus. Since Friday, I have been lost since I am not going to Gymboree after work. Very strange feeling, I have been working part time for almost 4 years. Saturday we went to Jimmy and Jessica's wedding, it was very nice! We got to see everyone before we leave too, which was great. Sunday night I started having insomnia, having trouble sleeping or staying asleep and having vivid dreams about Lotus. I wake up happy but sad. I started packing some things, still want to clean up the house a bit, laundry, food shop, etc. I cannot believe the time is almost here for us to fly half way around the world to be united with our daughter! Our trip to China is going to be amazing! Going to try to catch some zzzzzz's.

Talk to you soon!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wow, Alot Going On!

It has been crazy since TA, LOA and now CA. Cannot believe the time is finally here. Lot's of stuff has been happening!

A few weeks ago, I went to Mom's night out with the BCKadoptedchina mommies. We went to Ming's for Chinese food and it turned out to be a surprise shower for Lotus & me. It was so nice. My mind is in a million places that I didn't even realize that the party was for me, lol! There was an adorable lady bug cake and cute favors from Mandy's Moon. Jenn made alot of cute hello kitty things and barretts for when Lotus grows hair, Kellyann gave her a cute chinese dolly with a mini stroller, lady bug barretts, and Taylor & Jace gave her "Love you through & through" book, Kathy gave her Big Bird in China DVD (I watched it, toooo cute), Jennifer gave her a blankie, a cute outfit for next spring and a brag book, Laura's mil made her this adorable sweater hoodie that zips up the back (real neat) and baby wash, pic frame, and stain clothes (a must have), Gina gave her a soft side photo album and 2 soft touch books and lady bug barretts and Karen gave her a cool Fisher price cookie jar. I was so in shock and not expecting this at all.

My last day at gymboree is this Friday, actually Saturday ( I offered to work at another store one last time for some extra cash). I was going to work a few shifts next week, but I want to get some stuff done, paint a wall, food shop, make some meals for when we get back, etc. Go over things with my mom while she watches the house and PACK!!!! And get some sleep too!

Saturday night we had the grandmom's over and Kev's brother and his family , and the boys over for dinner one last time before we left for China. We of course had chinese food! And Sandy brought yummy brownies. While we were eating I gave Sandy this really neat book I foudn at barnes & noble, Madonna in Your Pocket. Inside, we asked her if she would give us the honor of being Lotus' godmother. She accepted. I think she was very happy, she did smile the rest of the night! I am happy she accepted, she will defintely be a positive influence on Lotus' life!

Today we have our Travel Conference call with our agency and the two other families traveling with us. Josh & Lily will be on the call as well, they are the founders of CCAI. We have our itinerary for China listing all our appointments! Whew, we have alot to do in China and we do get some free time.

This Saturday we are going to Jimmy & Jessica's wedding in the evening. Jimmy is my nephew and they have a daughter Bella who is a few weeks older than Lotus. I am sure they will play well together and help get Sarah Michelle into trouble (Dena's little one on the way!).

I think that is it for now! Need to occupy my time for the next 16 days!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

China For Real in 23 DAYS!!!!!

We have a confirmed CA (Consulate Appt) for Nov 14th!!!!!!!!!!!! We leave Nov 1st around 3 pm, arrive in HKG on Nov 2nd at 7 pm, then in GZ on Nov 4th, with Our Gotcha Day on Nov 5th!!!!!!!!!! Tickets are booked even Lotus' return flight is booked, the lady was so nice she booked us the basinet seat, so she can lay down and go to sleep if she wants (maybe????)!!!!!!!!!!!

Need to start packing for REAL, need more passport photos too, lists , lots of lists!!!! China Here We Come.......................we are in for the trip of our lives..


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Yesterday we got the call. Our TA arrived! My cell phone rang when I was shopping in Target. I told Betsy if I was not in Target I would probably scream! She said you can call back after you are done shopping. I said Noooooo that is ok. So I proceeded to walk around in circles and then sit down in an aisle to take notes. I must of looked so funny.

So we have some choices, we are trying to leave on Oct 25th and Gotcha Day on the 29th, if we cannot get our CA for either 7, 8, or 12th then we will leave on Nov 1st and Gotcha Day on Nov 5th! We should know either by the end of this week or middle of next week. Then we can book our airline tickets! I cannot wait. Lotus will be home for Thanksgiving! It has been a crazy couple of days. We will update everyone as soon as we get our final dates.

Deb and Kevin