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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a BIG day for our little sweetie. In the morning we went to Kiddie Cuts and had her very first hair cut. The place was very cool it had a Princess station along with other car stations. In the end, Lotus choose to sit on Mommy's lap and not in the REALLY cool pink princess jeep. Lotus did very well, she even let the hairdresser blow dry her hair. She looks so different now with an actual style! I thought Kevin might cry when the hairdresser cut of about an inch and a half.

Afterwards we went to lunch at the Amish market and then home for a refresher (she hates to call them naps). Funny, even though she hates naps, she slept for almost 3 hours. Go Figure.

Once we were awake from our refresher it was off to the local mall to get our ears pierced. We were going to wait to have her ears pierced, however, since she did so well with her last blood draw, we thought she would handle it well. We have been talking about it to Lotus and she kept saying she wanted earrings. We explained it would be a pinch and a loud noise. She insisted she wanted earrings like Mommy. She talked about it alot so we decided to go ahead. When we got there someone else was getting their ears pierced so we went and looked at all the Princess stuff to reward her with afterwards. Lotus picked out a few goodies and soon it was her turn. She jumped up int he chair and was hugging the black bear. We asked her if she wanted to sit on mommy's lap and she fully agreed. She received the dots on her ears to make sure they were even. Lotus was very patience and was not fussy at all. Then came the piercing guns, both at the same time, you could tell she started to get a bit worried. And then BAM and then HIGH PITCHED SCREAM. She was not happy at all. (And I felt horrible.....not to mention so many people stopped to watch, what's the deal with that?). We quickly went to the back to pick up our goodies from earlier and "change the subject" so to speak. Within 10 minutes, Lotus was back to normal and all was good in the world once again. You could tell she was proud of her new flower earrings, because every time we passed a mirror she had to look and model. The cleaning and turning of the earrings will be tough the first few days, I feel it will be a challenge but with everything she will get use to it and it will become routine.

So what's with the title of the post? On the way to the mall I called her a DIVA since she having her nails paints, hair cut, and now earrings. She quickly corrected me," I'm not a DIVA! I am a PRINCESS MOMMY!" I guess she told me. My baby is growing up so quickly, I cannot believe she will be 3 years old in the next few months. WOW!
Lotus, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, today you were such a BIG GIRL!

Enjoy the photos of our DIVA, I mean PRINCESS day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Unexpected & Exciting News

I absolutely adore this photo of Lotus that was taken at her cousin Tara's communion. I love how I was able to capture her at that moment. She is always moving so quickly, so some shots do not always turn out so well. Now for the unexpected and exciting news............

I was going to wait to post this story but I can go no longer, I need to share. About a month ago, my darling husband had uploaded this photo onto Parents.com in their baby name section. Of course, there was a disclaimer that the photo you are uploading may be used on the website or in their magazine. He didn't give it a second thought, what are the chances??

A few days ago the Assitant Editor emails Kevin;

"We love the photo you sent into Parents of Lotus—it’s absolutely adorable! (It’s the one where she’s wearing a sun dress with stained-glass windows in the background.) To publish it in our October issue’s Caught on Camera section, we need to get a short quote from you, and your name and city/state. If you could answer these quick questions (and include your full name and city/state), we'd really appreciate it"

I was very surprised to say the least! I cannot believe Lotus' photo will be in a magazine (not like it will be a huge photo mind you, still exciting none the less) and one of my photos too! You know who will be buying alot of copies of the October issue of Parents magazine.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Such a Brave Girl

Mommy and Daddy are very proud of their brave girl. Lotus deserves great big kudos! Yesterday she was amazing during her bi-annual blood draw. No tears, no hysterics, no tantrums. Even when the nurse had to switch arms, she didn't shed a tear. It was not until after the band-aids were on and we were leaving did the tears start to flow, see Lotus wanted to keep the yellow band the nurse tied around her arm. She considered it a toy. We told her it was not a toy but we would gladly go next store to the dollar store and pick out a few toys. It took some convincing but once she walked into the dollar store she was thrilled to see all the toys she could choose as her prize! Or shall we say prizes..... Lotus made out like a bandit, she has a pair of fairy wings and wand, set of Belle cheerleader pom-poms, and a bunch of new noodles for the swimming pool. Way to go Lotus.