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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Has Lotus Been Up to Lately????

It has been a crazy few several weeks, I am not sure if I can remember all we have done lately!

On Spetember 27th, we celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival with the adoption group. It was a really nice outing. It started with a mother and daughter talking about their recent trip to China and their work in an orphanage. Afterwards there was games and crafts, and the older children performed the story of Ming Lo who moved a mountain. The evening would not have been complete without a buffet of chinese noodles, egg rolls, fried rice and fortune cookies! Lotus had a great time with all her friends.

The following weekend Lotus was able to hang out with her cousins Brendan and Tara (and her aunt sandy too) while mommy went to a Matilda Jane clothing party with the mothers from our local group. Kate hosted the party at her house, she was such a great hostess. The food and Matilda-tini's were awesome. At the party I also got to meet Lisa the newest member of the group. It was great to finally put a face (actually voice, seen photos, lol) with the name. The time went too quickly, I could have hung out all night just chatting with the girls.

This past weekend was full too! On Saturday Lotus had two birthday parties to attend. First Lotus, Kevin and I went to Jackson's 2nd birthday party. Jackson is one of Lotus' many cousins. It was cute to see Lotus running around and checking out the other kids. We enjoyed every one's company and really good food. The time was too short, it was time for Lotus to change into her princess dress and off to the next party. Daddy had to leave for work. He would have loved to see his princess in action at the party.

The princess party was for Maddie's 3rd birthday. Maddie is Mia's sister and is part of our local group. The party was alot of fun. Karen and Kevin were great hostess' and hosts, wonderful food and awesome company. At first Lotus was a bit shy, but she soon started running around with everyone. She had her first skittles from the Castle pinata. She was on such a sugar high, twirling around in her princess belle dress. Mommy and Lotus had a great time hanging with everyone.

So much so we decided to join some of the group the next day for apple picking at a local orchard on Sunday. I will fill you in on the apple picking and our dinner with friends later that night tomorrow. Plus the events of Monday deserves it own post. Stay tuned.

Talk to you later,


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Three Little Words


These three little words Lotus said to me last night before bed. It was the sweetest three little words I have ever heard. Her daddy has been teaching her to say I Love You for the longest time, she has been saying it for the past couple of weeks in Lotus speak. However, last night she said it clear as day after I told her good night , I love you Lotus. She smiled and said I Love You. What a great feeling! I am still smiling today.