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Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Week and More (Party and Water Slide)

Lotus is blossoming more and more each day. She never ceases to amaze us, she is figuring out all sorts of things. And her personality is contagious, along with her laughter. Kevin is such a proud daddy, he smiles from ear to ear when his little girl laughs and especially when she gives him kisses. She is not so stingy with them anymore. Lotus has been talking and learning alot more words. She knows the difference between a car and truck. And Lotus has decided my name is Maaaaaw, I love it every time she says it. She does not know how happy it makes me feel inside. Won't be long before she is talking up a storm. Soon I can sense it!

This weekend we attended (Kevin, Lotus and me) our family friend Joann's 50th birthday party. We all had a great time! Lotus was shy at first but opened up in no time. She was dancing up a storm on the dance floor. She does have rhythm! She was acting like she was queen out there. At one point Lotus and I were on the dance floor by ourselves and she decided she did not want mommy on the floor so she pushed me to the edge and danced all around with mommy on the side line! She is something else. She definitely had fun. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with Joann and her family, we were honored we were a part of her celebration.

On Sunday Lotus and I had a fun-filled day. We ate pancakes for breakfast, some play time & Wonder Pets. Then after nap time we had lunch and then went swimming with Saber. We were having a good old time till it started to thunder. After we got out of the pool the thunder stopped and out came the sun! Go figure. We went inside for some arts and crafts, some stickers, coloring, and fake tattoos! Lotus also decided she wanted to sit at the table without her booster seat. She is growing up so fast. We went back outside and ran under the hose for a bit. Then our neighbors plugged in their water slide and invited Lotus over. Their little cousin Isabelle was over (she is 6 mos older than Lotus). Lotus was unsure of this huge water slide (it is one of those plug in blow-up water slides). Soon her fears went away and she was having fun on the slide and in the wading pool. Lotus adores the girls next door and they adore her. Lotus had fun with Isabelle too, someone her own size! Soon it was time for dinner, so back over the fence (mommy caught her pants, lol!)

After dinner, playtime and some Wonder Pets with Daddy and Mommy it was off to bed! Tomorrow we may be turning the crib into a little day bed! Lotus is learning how to climb! Stay tuned and enjoy the pics!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

Monday, June 23, 2008

Triple Play Sunday

Lotus is such the social butterfly! Yesterday we had 3 events to attend and Lotus didn't skip a beat. First in the morning we met with 5 other families in the BCK Group to watch Kung Fu Panda and then have lunch at Sunny Gardens. Kevin was working that morning so he got to see Lotus go to her first movie. Kevin made sure the Huge Po Panda stand up was still in the lobby for all the girls to have their photo taken with him. They loved it. Lotus had a great time, she sat through the previews and the first 15 minutes of the movie. I have a few cute photos of her sitting in the chair eating popcorn. We left just as Po was eating peaches from the Tree of Hope (or something). We walked the mall till the movie was over and then met the group again, took photos in front of the giant PO Panda in the lobby. We had a great lunch at Sunny Gardens, Lotus loved the lo mien noodles and pork dumplings. After she was done eating she ran around with the big girls, she loves to hang out with the older kids. We made the trip back home, Lotus napped in the car for 40 mins. When we got home, tried to have Lotus take more of a nap and that was met with lots of screams. So we got changed for Mom-mom's and Bounce U. Refilled her back pack, picked up the gifts for later (and socks for Bounce U). Let the dog out and then off to Mom-Mom's where we caught up with daddy. We ate a light dinner with everyone and Lotus ran around with her cousins. Lotus wanted everything to do with her cousin Livie. She didn't want Livie to stop playing with her. In fact, when we left for the Bounce U party, Lotus had a fit when Livie tried to give her to me to put her in the car seat. Whew! Finally, all of us were off to Bounce U for Hailey and Allissa's party. The place is very cool. At first Lotus was a bit shy, mommy went into the bouncers with her and down the huge slides, while daddy took lots of pics. She started to warm up and running around with everyone. She even wanted Bill to take her down the huge slide, over and over and over again. Bill is Hailey and Allissa's dad , who Lotus has been a bit shy with since day one, she hides behind Kevin or I when he says hi to her. So this was a big! Hailey and Allissa played with her alot and so did their friends. It was really a great time. After playing in the bouncers and slides, we had pizza and cake. Lotus insisted on drinking her sprite from a cup like the big girls! I love it when she hangs with the older kids because she learns so much from them, she tries to do everything they do. Which I think is so awesome. She is growing up and catching up. Mommy and Daddy are so very proud. Will add photos later tonight of the Triple Play Sunday.

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little Out of Order-Check Old Posts

I have finally had a chance to update some drafts on the blog, you may have to check Old Posts to check them out. Photos from Memorial Day and Lotus swimming.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Celebration

On Sunday, we had a Father's Day celebration for Kevin. Lotus and mommy made him breakfast sandwiches and coffee to start his day out right! During breakfast he opened his cards, a photo book of the past 7 months with Lotus (she did it all by herself with shutter fly, lol), and a lucky bamboo stalk. Lotus picked out the bamboo because on the stalk holder it had a panda on it. After breakfast we went swimming for a bit, then it was off for a nap (for Lotus). After nap time, we went swimming some more (and yard work) and waited for Kevin's two older sons to come over for dinner. Around 6 we had dinner with Ian, Eric, Lotus, Mom-Mom (Kev's mom), and Toni (Ian's gf). I made steak and potatoes on the grill. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Ian, Kevin, and Eric decided to play kick ball with a large exercise ball, till it got a bit crazy and Lotus so desperately wanted the ball. It was nice to have everyone together. Definitely a very happy celebration.

My husband, Kevin, has done an incredible job taking care of our daughter during the week while I am at work. He makes sure her every need is taken care of and then some. She not only has fun when they play together, but that she is also learning in everything they do. He does all of this with minimal sleep and he keeps going and going. I may not tell him all the time or as much as I should that I do appreciate him very much and everything he does for us. Lotus and I are very lucky to have Kevin in our lives. He is a wonderful husband and father (to all his kids!)


Deb and Lotus

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Absolutely Love this Song

...it reminds me to slow down and take time to treasure the moments with Lotus, Kevin, and my family. Please enjoy the video, you may need some tissues.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pool Fantastic! (June 10th)

Quick drink before jumping in the pool

I wanna jump all day!
Ahhhh! This feels great! Daddy, where is my juice box?

Yummy, need some yogurt, re-energize for more jumping!

Four dips in the pool and now Lotus is jumping in and going under, she is a fish and has no fear! She has really amazed me with the pool. Lotus is full of surprises.
Deb, Kevin, & Lotus

Dinner with Jace and Family!

Lotus with her friend Jace. Kevin, Lotus, and I joined Jace and his family at Ming's for his family day celebration. This picture is so adorable!

Introduction to the swimming pool! (June 8th)

I wanna go back in mom!

I am having so much fun!

Lotus and Saber share a kiss!

I am not sure I like this pool?

Lotus absolutely loves the pool! Her first dip in was a shock but she quickly rebounded and was having fun splashing around! Check out the photos of our pool princess.

The Straw Story Continues (June 1, 2008)

Lotus has been doing great with the juice box and us helping. Drinking some on her own, not really holding the box. Well, this past Sunday (June 1st) we were in Target (no kidding) and I got her a hotdog and I had a soda. She wanted to put the straw in her mouth, so I let her. She was blowing bubbles in my soda. I kept telling her the other way and was showing her how to drink from the straw. An amazing thing happened, she started drinking and she took the cup from my hand and continued to drink! I was so happy (even though it was Pepsi she was drinking). Of course as we were shopping, I went over and picked up a Playtex straw cup. She has been using it ever since, she actually has two of them. Trying to wean of her bo-bot (as she calls it). She also does great if she has a juice box (in the holder of course, so it doens't shoot every where when she squeezes it). I just recently got her the drinkable yogurt and throw a straw in and she is good to go! I love it! My baby is becoming such a little girl!