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Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Week and More (Party and Water Slide)

Lotus is blossoming more and more each day. She never ceases to amaze us, she is figuring out all sorts of things. And her personality is contagious, along with her laughter. Kevin is such a proud daddy, he smiles from ear to ear when his little girl laughs and especially when she gives him kisses. She is not so stingy with them anymore. Lotus has been talking and learning alot more words. She knows the difference between a car and truck. And Lotus has decided my name is Maaaaaw, I love it every time she says it. She does not know how happy it makes me feel inside. Won't be long before she is talking up a storm. Soon I can sense it!

This weekend we attended (Kevin, Lotus and me) our family friend Joann's 50th birthday party. We all had a great time! Lotus was shy at first but opened up in no time. She was dancing up a storm on the dance floor. She does have rhythm! She was acting like she was queen out there. At one point Lotus and I were on the dance floor by ourselves and she decided she did not want mommy on the floor so she pushed me to the edge and danced all around with mommy on the side line! She is something else. She definitely had fun. It was so nice to spend the afternoon with Joann and her family, we were honored we were a part of her celebration.

On Sunday Lotus and I had a fun-filled day. We ate pancakes for breakfast, some play time & Wonder Pets. Then after nap time we had lunch and then went swimming with Saber. We were having a good old time till it started to thunder. After we got out of the pool the thunder stopped and out came the sun! Go figure. We went inside for some arts and crafts, some stickers, coloring, and fake tattoos! Lotus also decided she wanted to sit at the table without her booster seat. She is growing up so fast. We went back outside and ran under the hose for a bit. Then our neighbors plugged in their water slide and invited Lotus over. Their little cousin Isabelle was over (she is 6 mos older than Lotus). Lotus was unsure of this huge water slide (it is one of those plug in blow-up water slides). Soon her fears went away and she was having fun on the slide and in the wading pool. Lotus adores the girls next door and they adore her. Lotus had fun with Isabelle too, someone her own size! Soon it was time for dinner, so back over the fence (mommy caught her pants, lol!)

After dinner, playtime and some Wonder Pets with Daddy and Mommy it was off to bed! Tomorrow we may be turning the crib into a little day bed! Lotus is learning how to climb! Stay tuned and enjoy the pics!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

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Lotus is so adorable....thanks for sharing the link!

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