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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Celebration

On Sunday, we had a Father's Day celebration for Kevin. Lotus and mommy made him breakfast sandwiches and coffee to start his day out right! During breakfast he opened his cards, a photo book of the past 7 months with Lotus (she did it all by herself with shutter fly, lol), and a lucky bamboo stalk. Lotus picked out the bamboo because on the stalk holder it had a panda on it. After breakfast we went swimming for a bit, then it was off for a nap (for Lotus). After nap time, we went swimming some more (and yard work) and waited for Kevin's two older sons to come over for dinner. Around 6 we had dinner with Ian, Eric, Lotus, Mom-Mom (Kev's mom), and Toni (Ian's gf). I made steak and potatoes on the grill. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Ian, Kevin, and Eric decided to play kick ball with a large exercise ball, till it got a bit crazy and Lotus so desperately wanted the ball. It was nice to have everyone together. Definitely a very happy celebration.

My husband, Kevin, has done an incredible job taking care of our daughter during the week while I am at work. He makes sure her every need is taken care of and then some. She not only has fun when they play together, but that she is also learning in everything they do. He does all of this with minimal sleep and he keeps going and going. I may not tell him all the time or as much as I should that I do appreciate him very much and everything he does for us. Lotus and I are very lucky to have Kevin in our lives. He is a wonderful husband and father (to all his kids!)


Deb and Lotus


art said...

Kev - Happy Father's Day - Lotus is lucky to have a great father like you....and of course a great mom like Deb!


Ronda said...

Happy Father's Day Kevin! It is easy to be a great parent with such a cute kid =).

Michelle said...

I am sure this Father's day was very special for Kevin!! Hop it was great Kevin! Aren't those Shutterfly photobooks great? I made one right after our China trip.