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Friday, April 4, 2008

Photos and Such

Lotus and the Great Big Ball

Lotus has a fascination with balls! She loves little little balls and footballs, basket balls, soccer balls and the really big balls that are always in the big cages at the stores. We were at Target (shocking!) and we went past the big cage of balls and Lotus' face lit up and she exclaimed"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and pointed and got really excited! So of course mommy put the ball in the cart to see if her excitement would last. I gave her a choice of a smaller one with princesses on it or the large purple ball. In the end she chose the larger ball. It is so cute to see her walking around with the ball around the house. And she gets such a smile on her face! Now, Lotus thought she had the biggest ball to play with, till yesterday when we were in the garage. She immediately found mommy's exercise ball. Which is HUGE! She so wanted to play with it, but I told her we needed to wait. And I directed her back outside. The exercise ball was just a bit too big for Lotus. Will post some pics of Lotus and the great big purple ball!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

Lotus Goes to Another B-day Party

Lotus went to cousin Dave's fourth birthday party at Sports Zone. It was a very cool place with ball crawls, moon bounce, games prizes, and a mini carousel. At first Lotus was a bit nervous, she is starting with mommy separation anxiety. She warmed up slowly. At first she did not want to go on the mini 3 horse carousel. Eventually I got her to go on and she didn't want to get off. We went round and round. Mommy had to hold onto her and walk around as the Carousel went around in the circle (lots of exercise). Lotus even caught on that if you keep pushing the start button it will keep going (her cousin Bella taught her that). She was having so much fun. Deena got a pic of her on the carousel which I will have to get a copy of, since mommy forgot her camera!

When it was time for pizza and cake, Lotus did great. She sat in a chair and she ate all the cheese and sauce off the pizza! Afterwards, she ate alot of chocolate cake and loved it! Who wouldn't???? She did really well and had a great time. We won some tickets and Uncle Sean gave her some more so she picked out a small squishy ball. Lotus has a very full social calendar and keeps mommy going!


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

Mother Daughter Moment

The other day Lotus and I were playing in the kitchen. She had taken some measuring spoons out of the kitchen drawer. I had given her a bowl and she was pretending to stir and feed me. Very cute. Lotus likes to look at her reflection in a mirror, window, even the oven door(not hot). When she checks out her reflection we always tell her to give Lotus a kiss and she does.

So now for the mother daughter moment........ I was leaning on the oven door sitting on the floor, Lotus was checking out her reflection. So I said to her, "Kiss the pretty girl". She turned and kissed her mommy. It was the sweetest moment so far. These are the moments that make being a mother so very special. Especially since Lotus is very sparing with her kisses.


Lotus' First Easter

A little behind, things have been crazy busy. The night before Easter, Lotus helped dye some easter eggs. It was fun trying to keep her from dumping the dye cups on the table or smashing the eggs on the table. Then it was off to bed to wait for the Easter Bunny to make a stop at our house. We forget to leave out some carrots for him! On Easter morning, after breakfast, Lotus had a Easter egg hunt in the living room. She did pretty good finding the eggs. And when she found one, she would go "Ooooooooooo" and grab the egg. And then she saw her basket filled with a Belle Princess Tea Set, a Dora see & say, and a pink bunny. And yes, the Easter bunny broke down and left a chocolate bunny for her as well. Later that day we went to Mom-Mom's house for dinner. It was so nice to see everyone. Mom-Mom had an Easter egg hunt as well with plastic eggs. Lotus was ready since she practiced in the morning. After the hunt was done Lotus continued to play with all the plastic eggs. She was having a good old time! Her cousins were so happy to see her and play with her. Check out the pics below of the day!


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus