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Friday, April 4, 2008

Mother Daughter Moment

The other day Lotus and I were playing in the kitchen. She had taken some measuring spoons out of the kitchen drawer. I had given her a bowl and she was pretending to stir and feed me. Very cute. Lotus likes to look at her reflection in a mirror, window, even the oven door(not hot). When she checks out her reflection we always tell her to give Lotus a kiss and she does.

So now for the mother daughter moment........ I was leaning on the oven door sitting on the floor, Lotus was checking out her reflection. So I said to her, "Kiss the pretty girl". She turned and kissed her mommy. It was the sweetest moment so far. These are the moments that make being a mother so very special. Especially since Lotus is very sparing with her kisses.


1 comment:

Kellyann said...

What a SWEET Mommy, daughter moment! Treasure them.