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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Kids Hear All and Repeat Everything!

Lotus has been growing leaps and bounds with her speech, she is talking more and more. Her vocabulary has increased and does so each day. She really surprises me with some of the things she says and understands. Lotus most of the time is the great imitator, she imitates our actions and our words. This is where my story begins.....

As I was making dinner, Lotus was sitting at the table patiently waiting for her food as we were running late. We usually eat around 6 pm and it was already 7:30pm. As I was getting everything together, I realized I was burning the garlic bread. Something I do all too often, as I realized what had happened, I exclaimed, "Darn It!" (change the R to a M). And of course little Miss Lotus was listening and said clear as day, "Darn It!" (again change the R to a M). I was floored! I am pretty good about censoring myself and do not make a habit of cursing, this just slipped out! Kevin heard her and walked away smiling. I tried to not laugh, and told Lotus that mommy said a bad word and she was sorry. She should not repeat that word again.

Funny thing, we work and work on words and phrases. Lotus does well, not always clear, sometimes mumbles. Wouldn't you know it, this time she had no problems at all. She was clear as day and articulated the word with the exact feeling I used. Morale of the story, you just never know when your kids are listening.........just when you think it is safe to talk about Aunt Harriett's funny hat..........think again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lotus Visits Santa

Santa Photo Part 1

On Monday night we took Lotus to see Santa, only to find out there was a 2 1/2 hour wait. No kidding! We decided we would attempt to wait and see what happened. At 10:15 we were not paged, but went back to Santa's Chair to see what was happening. Yippee it was almost our turn. Lotus talked about Santa all the time, she knew who he was and looked excited to see him..........so we thought.........

When we got closer to Santa, Lotus completely lost it. And there was NO WAY we were going to get a photo with Santa. The ladies taking the photo wrote on the envelope and said we could come back tomorrow and try right away. As we left, Lotus gave Santa a HUG! Yes a HUG! Go figure.

Santa Photo Part 2

On Tuesday night I packed up the backpack and head to see Santa again with Lotus. She is in a relatively good mood, our chances are good. We get to the mall at 6 pm and wouldn't you know, they are at dinner. I know Santa needs to eat dinner but wouldn't 5 pm make sense when everyone else is eating dinner too? Yet, the mall wants you to shop for an hour while waiting for Santa. Lotus and I grab some food and head back at 7pm. The ladies let us in first, of course there were several people grumbling about us going first, if they only knew about Monday night. As soon as I pushed the stroller up to the camera, Lotus completely loses it again. She screams and cries, you would think she was being tortured. I am sure they heard her at the other end of the mall. We tried talking to Santa, nope not working. We tried to shake his hand, nope not working. Tried to have mommy sit near Santa, nope not working. We took 2 photos and they were horrible! Mommy wanted to try one more time, despite the nasty looks from the others waiting. We did a real quick drop on his lap and this is what we got:

And once the photo was done..........she HUGGED Santa again and said BYYYYEEE! Mommy was very confused.

Last year, we used the Santa photo for our Christmas cards and this year........well you will see in the mail..

Happy Holidays.

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus