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Friday, September 26, 2008

No More Tears! and Other Stuff!

Today when I dropped Lotus off at school, there were no tears, none, nada, zip! I was surprised! She went right to Molly and wanted nothing to do with Mommy anymore. I was happy but a bit sad, she didn't even care to say good bye to me. :( I think it helps that Lotus really likes Molly. School is going well for Lotus, she is learning alot, good and bad. She has picked up some sassy-ness from some of the older girls, lol. However, she is learning to talk more and play more with the other kids. When I pick her up, they always tell me she is very well behaved and she had a very good day. We must be doing something right. If she has to misbehave, I would rather it be with Mommy or Daddy and not school or someone else.

I have found out that our little girl is a Halloween fanatic! I cannot go near the Halloween aisles in the stores without spending alot of time there, which usually isn't enough time and tears do happen. She loves it all, the pumpkins, skeletons, and the big animated creepy ghouls, the creepier the better. Yesterday she insisted on wearing her Halloween black skirt with pumpkins on the edge and her Halloween shirt with the black cat. It was too cute. Of course I have pics to post later. Right now it looks like Halloween is her favorite holiday so far. Cannot wait to go Trick or Treating. Daddy bought her the most adorable Panda Bear costume last year right before we traveled to China. It has been packed away for a year and yes it does fit! Whew! It is going to be an exciting night.

Another surprise earlier in the week when we were playing in her play room. Lotus was getting very tired and I told her it was time for bed, time to clean up. She started putting her toys away, even started to put the pretend forks & spoons in the drawer and turned off the light above the sink on her pretend kitchen. We went downstairs, she wanted to put her bottle in the real refrigerator, then proceeded to her bedroom. This is where she took all her books off her bed, put them away, and then jumped into bed. She totally surprised me for her to do all this at her age! It looks like she is picking up mommy's organizational skills ( a bit ocd, lol). One thing I have noticed with Lotus is if she is really tired and had enough she will pretty much put herself to bed. Now if she gets past the point of over tired, watch out!

On a final note, last week Lotus did start speech therapy. So far she has had two sessions and is doing well. We were concerned because Lotus was learning words everyday, however, she was not moving forward as far as two words together, sentences, etc. She has been very frustrated since she cannot express her needs and wants, it becomes whining and grunting instead of trying to speak. Now that she will have speech therapy every week for an hour, she can catch up to her age level and Mommy and Daddy can learn a few things on how to help Lotus. She does still participate with s special instructor once a week to help put it all together. Both her special instructor and speech therapist do an excellent job and we are very glad they were selected to work with and teach Lotus.

More to come this weekend as we are attending the FCC's Harvest Moon Festival.

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Did this Happen?

When did a size 5 shoe stop fitting Lotus????? I double checked her shoes before Fall Clothes shopping and a few weeks ago she only needed sneakers! Today when getting her dressed for school, I couldn't squeeze her dainty feet into her black mary janes! Not to mention I realized last night that all her size 20 squeaky shoes do not fit her anymore. Our little girl is growing like a weed and no longer a baby, she is full blown toddler. The last I measured her she was almost 34 inches tall and almost 28 lbs. She has sprouted almost 6 inches and almost 8 lbs since China! I cannot believe she has grown so much right before our eyes.

Guess we will be shoe shopping tonight

Copy (2) of Copy of Lotus with Cups Then

Almost 2 Now

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One of My Favorite Photos

This photo was taken at a party over the summer. I would love to know what Lotus was so deep in thought about while hanging out in the pool. I really like how the camera captured the water drops on her face. This photo was invited to be part of a group on Flickr called A Nobel Life, the mission of this group is to change the world. To show that our differences as human beings makes us fit together much as the pieces of a puzzle. It is an interesting group and glad I was asked to be a part of it.

Enjoy your day!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Lotus!

Two years ago today it was a cloudy, very warm day in Wuchuan, Guangdong.
Two years ago today a woman gave birth to a little baby girl.
Two years ago today a husband and wife over 8,000 miles away from China, had no idea how the birth of this little girl would impact their lives.

One year ago today it was a hazy, cloudy, very warm day in Wuchuan, Guangdong
One year ago today a little baby girl was celebrating her first birthday with her friends and nannies.
One year ago today a husband and wife over 8,000 miles away from China, celebrated their daugter's first birthday by sending a cake, birthday shirt and crown.

Today it is a warm day in Pennsylvania, USA
Today a little girl is celebrating her second birthday with her mommy and daddy and family and friends.
Today a husband and wife not 8,000 miles away, love their daughter very much and wish her the very best birthday!



Mommy and Daddy

Happy First Birthday!

Happy Second Birthday!

Lotus' First Day of School

Kevin and I decided when Lotus turned 2 yrs old we would enroll her in school (daycare) two days a week so she could learn how to interact with other kids, learn from her peers, learn to socialize, and prepare her for preschool. We found a really nice school. It is clean, the staff is very nice, on my way to work, and Katie Min-Min goes there too! (The school was a reccomendation from Jen, Katie's mom). On the first day, Daddy and Mommy both took her to her new school. The first day went relatively well when dropping her off, no tears. Ha! I thought it was such an easy transition. Lotus fooled me, she has burst into tears every day since. It seems to be getting better. However, it tears my heart every time I drop her off and she cries. I have to run out and I feel like such a bad mommy. I know this is normal, but the tears really pull at my heart. The good news is about 5 minutes after I am gone, she stops crying and has a great day! She is always well behaved and goes with the flow, jumps right into the activities. I am sure this may change the older she gets! Enjoy the pics!

First Day of School

PS The artwork is a grandparents card they colored and pasted together on her second day. She also had school photos too! Will try to scan the school photo in so I can post it.

Last Few Weeks of August

I have not had much time to blog lately so here is a little catch up on our activities;

On Aug 16th, Lotus and I went to Brandi's (my nephew's girlfriend) college graduation party. It was at the AOH by our house. The party theme was all Hello Kitty. Lotus was in her glory, she also loved playing with her cousins. She had lots of fun with Rian and Bella, running around with balloons and dancing. We both had a great time. Thanks Brandi for including us in this momentous occasion.

On Aug 30th, Lotus and I stopped by Bella's 2nd Birthday party. Lotus had fun with her cousins and tried out the tampoline. We couldn't stay long since we had another party to go to at Robin and Chris' house. Lotus, Kevin, and I headed to their house for some BBQ and swimming. Lotus had fun in the pool with her daddy. The girl loves to swim!

On Aug 31st, Lotus, Kevin, and I attended my nephew Justin's grad party and my brother's annual Labor Day picnic. We enjoyed swimming in the pool, this time mommy joined Lotus and Daddy. It was a good time hanging out with the family. Lotus loves to hang out with the little kids.

On Labor Day we lounged around and started getting ready for Lotus 2nd Birthday party. It was a tiring weekend for sure.

Parties from August

Friday, September 12, 2008

Move Over Paris .......

...here comes Lotus!

Move Over Paris

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lotus' First Beach Trip! (Aug 18th)

A few Monday's ago Kevin, Lotus, and I took a trip to Point Pleasant Beach. We were not sure what to expect from Lotus since this was her first time on the beach. She definitely surprised us, she was fine with the sand, she was having fun digging and playing in the sand. Kevin took her down to the water, she was a bit apprehensive at first, then she really started digging the waves and water. She was getting very brave on her own and then it happened! A little wave knocked her down, salt water up the nose, sand in the hair, etc. After that she was pretty much done with the water. So we went back up to the blanket and played in the sand for a bit. Afterwards we went up to the boardwalk for lunch, which Lotus zonked out for about 30 minutes. We then walked the boards and checked out the Aquarium. We have a few picks of Lotus checking out a huge shark and other large fish. Then she spotted the seals! She absolutely loved the seals, she got to view them below and above the water level. She was sooooo exicted. It is the best feeling, seeing things for the first time through your child's eyes. Enjoy the photos from our trip.

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

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