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Monday, September 15, 2008

Lotus' First Day of School

Kevin and I decided when Lotus turned 2 yrs old we would enroll her in school (daycare) two days a week so she could learn how to interact with other kids, learn from her peers, learn to socialize, and prepare her for preschool. We found a really nice school. It is clean, the staff is very nice, on my way to work, and Katie Min-Min goes there too! (The school was a reccomendation from Jen, Katie's mom). On the first day, Daddy and Mommy both took her to her new school. The first day went relatively well when dropping her off, no tears. Ha! I thought it was such an easy transition. Lotus fooled me, she has burst into tears every day since. It seems to be getting better. However, it tears my heart every time I drop her off and she cries. I have to run out and I feel like such a bad mommy. I know this is normal, but the tears really pull at my heart. The good news is about 5 minutes after I am gone, she stops crying and has a great day! She is always well behaved and goes with the flow, jumps right into the activities. I am sure this may change the older she gets! Enjoy the pics!

First Day of School

PS The artwork is a grandparents card they colored and pasted together on her second day. She also had school photos too! Will try to scan the school photo in so I can post it.


Ronda said...

It is always so hard to leave them, especially when they are crying. I am hoping this will pass and Lotus has a wonderful time at school. Ella took two months to calm down about school...I think she needed to realize that I was coming back and then she was ok.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

As I read this I flashed back to my days of dropping Nick off at daycare! He did not start daycare until he was 3 and it was a difficult transition. He cried everyday for 9 months.....and it broke my heart, but you are right, the minute we were out of sight....he was perfectly fine!

Lotus will adjust....and will eventually look forward to going to be with her friends!

Love the collage...Happy Birthday Lotus!