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Friday, September 19, 2008

When Did this Happen?

When did a size 5 shoe stop fitting Lotus????? I double checked her shoes before Fall Clothes shopping and a few weeks ago she only needed sneakers! Today when getting her dressed for school, I couldn't squeeze her dainty feet into her black mary janes! Not to mention I realized last night that all her size 20 squeaky shoes do not fit her anymore. Our little girl is growing like a weed and no longer a baby, she is full blown toddler. The last I measured her she was almost 34 inches tall and almost 28 lbs. She has sprouted almost 6 inches and almost 8 lbs since China! I cannot believe she has grown so much right before our eyes.

Guess we will be shoe shopping tonight

Copy (2) of Copy of Lotus with Cups Then

Almost 2 Now


Kate said...

Sigh....yeah....you look away FOR A SECOND...and they grow. I am convinced of that. Lotus is turning into a beautiful little girl right before our eyes....

But oh...you will so enjoy every stage of her growing up...every age brings new accomplishments and new joys...

Kellyann said...

Wah! Doesn't it stink that they don't stay small for long??? She has grown so much. Wow, six inches...really?

Laura said...

look at her, big girl with her knee all bent and all!!!!! She is growing beyond belief. "Don't Blink"

see ya saturday


Ronda said...

Oh she has grown so much-it is so amazing to see the difference. I try to imagine Lotus bigger, but all I remember is what she was like in China.
Can you believe that our one year anniversary is right around the corner???