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Friday, April 4, 2008

Lotus' First Easter

A little behind, things have been crazy busy. The night before Easter, Lotus helped dye some easter eggs. It was fun trying to keep her from dumping the dye cups on the table or smashing the eggs on the table. Then it was off to bed to wait for the Easter Bunny to make a stop at our house. We forget to leave out some carrots for him! On Easter morning, after breakfast, Lotus had a Easter egg hunt in the living room. She did pretty good finding the eggs. And when she found one, she would go "Ooooooooooo" and grab the egg. And then she saw her basket filled with a Belle Princess Tea Set, a Dora see & say, and a pink bunny. And yes, the Easter bunny broke down and left a chocolate bunny for her as well. Later that day we went to Mom-Mom's house for dinner. It was so nice to see everyone. Mom-Mom had an Easter egg hunt as well with plastic eggs. Lotus was ready since she practiced in the morning. After the hunt was done Lotus continued to play with all the plastic eggs. She was having a good old time! Her cousins were so happy to see her and play with her. Check out the pics below of the day!


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Ronda said...

Love the Easter pictures-so cute. Lotus is getting so big. Her hair is getting so long. Lotus should come visit our house...Ella's big brothers play sports all the time-so we have balls everywhere =)
Miss you all,

Teresa =) said...

Deb -

LOVED Lotus' Easter dress! She looked so grown up in it!!

Really enjoying the updates...maybe I shouldn't have betrothed Carson to Addie Grace. With your family, he has the "ball fetish" connection with Lotus and the "Ultraman fetish" connection with Kevin. Think Ashley will let us back out????

Love your blog!!

Teresa =)

Kellyann said...

Love all the pictures. Taylor has the same dress! Too cute. What a nice fam shot too!