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Monday, June 23, 2008

Triple Play Sunday

Lotus is such the social butterfly! Yesterday we had 3 events to attend and Lotus didn't skip a beat. First in the morning we met with 5 other families in the BCK Group to watch Kung Fu Panda and then have lunch at Sunny Gardens. Kevin was working that morning so he got to see Lotus go to her first movie. Kevin made sure the Huge Po Panda stand up was still in the lobby for all the girls to have their photo taken with him. They loved it. Lotus had a great time, she sat through the previews and the first 15 minutes of the movie. I have a few cute photos of her sitting in the chair eating popcorn. We left just as Po was eating peaches from the Tree of Hope (or something). We walked the mall till the movie was over and then met the group again, took photos in front of the giant PO Panda in the lobby. We had a great lunch at Sunny Gardens, Lotus loved the lo mien noodles and pork dumplings. After she was done eating she ran around with the big girls, she loves to hang out with the older kids. We made the trip back home, Lotus napped in the car for 40 mins. When we got home, tried to have Lotus take more of a nap and that was met with lots of screams. So we got changed for Mom-mom's and Bounce U. Refilled her back pack, picked up the gifts for later (and socks for Bounce U). Let the dog out and then off to Mom-Mom's where we caught up with daddy. We ate a light dinner with everyone and Lotus ran around with her cousins. Lotus wanted everything to do with her cousin Livie. She didn't want Livie to stop playing with her. In fact, when we left for the Bounce U party, Lotus had a fit when Livie tried to give her to me to put her in the car seat. Whew! Finally, all of us were off to Bounce U for Hailey and Allissa's party. The place is very cool. At first Lotus was a bit shy, mommy went into the bouncers with her and down the huge slides, while daddy took lots of pics. She started to warm up and running around with everyone. She even wanted Bill to take her down the huge slide, over and over and over again. Bill is Hailey and Allissa's dad , who Lotus has been a bit shy with since day one, she hides behind Kevin or I when he says hi to her. So this was a big! Hailey and Allissa played with her alot and so did their friends. It was really a great time. After playing in the bouncers and slides, we had pizza and cake. Lotus insisted on drinking her sprite from a cup like the big girls! I love it when she hangs with the older kids because she learns so much from them, she tries to do everything they do. Which I think is so awesome. She is growing up and catching up. Mommy and Daddy are so very proud. Will add photos later tonight of the Triple Play Sunday.

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

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