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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Yesterday we got the call. Our TA arrived! My cell phone rang when I was shopping in Target. I told Betsy if I was not in Target I would probably scream! She said you can call back after you are done shopping. I said Noooooo that is ok. So I proceeded to walk around in circles and then sit down in an aisle to take notes. I must of looked so funny.

So we have some choices, we are trying to leave on Oct 25th and Gotcha Day on the 29th, if we cannot get our CA for either 7, 8, or 12th then we will leave on Nov 1st and Gotcha Day on Nov 5th! We should know either by the end of this week or middle of next week. Then we can book our airline tickets! I cannot wait. Lotus will be home for Thanksgiving! It has been a crazy couple of days. We will update everyone as soon as we get our final dates.

Deb and Kevin


Anonymous said...

Your heart must be pounding with exitement!

Good Luck on speedy travel arrangements. I'm looking forward to following your your journey on your blog.
Keep floating on "Cloud 9"

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We look forward to you bringing that baby back!

Deb & Kevin said...

Thank you!