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Thursday, October 25, 2007

6 Days and Counting!

Not that I am counting or anything. Lol! On Thursday, Kathy had given me a beautiful silk chinese outfit for Lotus and a cute photo album, she is so sweet. I cannot wait for Lotus to meet Kathy's daughter Sarah. Friday was my last day at Gymboree, they had a cake for Kevin and me. They gave us a very generous gift for Lotus. Since Friday, I have been lost since I am not going to Gymboree after work. Very strange feeling, I have been working part time for almost 4 years. Saturday we went to Jimmy and Jessica's wedding, it was very nice! We got to see everyone before we leave too, which was great. Sunday night I started having insomnia, having trouble sleeping or staying asleep and having vivid dreams about Lotus. I wake up happy but sad. I started packing some things, still want to clean up the house a bit, laundry, food shop, etc. I cannot believe the time is almost here for us to fly half way around the world to be united with our daughter! Our trip to China is going to be amazing! Going to try to catch some zzzzzz's.

Talk to you soon!



Carrie&Aaron said...


Anonymous said...

Deb, caught your blog address on another site. I'm going to love following your journey. I had to do a double take at Lotus's baby picture. My first grandaughter from China had those same precious Chipmunk cheeks and was "hair challenged" :) She recently turned two, has a full head of hair and is absoultely beautiful. Have a fantastic journey and make memories to last a lifetime. Wish I were walking in your shoes...

Deb & Kevin said...
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Deb & Kevin said...

Thank You Penny!

Sharon Flath said...

How exciting! I am on your yahoo group and we don't leave for 6 months or more so I will be so happy to follow your journey! Thanks for sharing.