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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gotcha Day Video, Guangzhou Zoo(11/12/07) and Visa Paperwork (11/13/07)

Hopefully this works, I am going to try to post gotcha day video (I was having issues with computer recognizing the video camera, finally got it to work). Enjoy! Having issues didn't post.

Monday was the trip to the Guangzhou Zoo, it was neat to see the zoo. Lotus fell asleep almost right after we got there. She got to see the brown bear and that was it. We checked out the Panda, elephants, bears, tigers, oh my, lol. Funny thing is they have dogs in the zoo, like we have for pets. All and all it was fun (but very hot). Lotus woke up right as we were leaving. Next year, we will go to the Philadelphia Zoo, we will make sure we go after nap time. After the zoo, we came back and had lunch at Lucy's. Lotus had a meltdown once mommy got her food, she does not like it when mommy eats. We then came back and took a nap. Jocelyn stopped by and dropped off a birth certificate and abandonment papers and others for us. Later, we went to dinner at the White Swan Deli with Adreanna and family. It was not bad, I got a noodle bowl which was tasty(Lotus had meltdown again when mommy got food). Kevin got a sandwhich and we shared cheese bread (very good). We then went to Susan's Place to pick up some things that we were waiting to be engraved. When we came back Lotus played on the bed and opened up even more, she likes to play on my tummy now and we do SO BIG. She is laughing and giggling. Today we had breakfast downstairs, came back up to room and Lotus had play time again, it is so much fun. Mommy went to do visa paperwork while Lotus napped. Once I was down Lotus was awake. We then all went out to take a walk, get some starbucks and do some more shopping (what else, lol). Came back to room and gave Lotus a very late bottle, she was not happy. After her bottle and nap we went to dinner with Yvonne and Scott and their daughter. They are from Wyoming. We ate dinner at the Cow and Bridge (very good food). Then Kev and Lotus and I took a walk. Then came back for more play time. Lotus really blossomed some more. Got some great photos. She is now sleeping and so is Kevin. My turn next once I am down writing to everyone. Tomorrow we wait for our visa appointment and then do the famous red couch photo, then a cruise on the pearl river (after dinner). Looking forward to an outing. Well getting tired, will upload some photos and then go to bed.


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

PS Thank you everyone for all the great comments, it has been nice reading messages from everyone back home. Cannot wait to come home!


Jguig said...

This is getting so difficult. We just want to hold her now. The waiting is so hard. How did you hold yourselves together for so long. I'm amazed by your courage and your persistence. Your dreams have paid off so incredibly big.

You are so lucky. She is so lucky to have you. We miss her and we haven't even met her yet. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

Anonymous said...

The video is amazing! I was crying when I watched it. She is so beautiful and lucky to have you. Deb, you are already such a great Mom, what a natural!! Prepare to be amazed every day!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Congrats Kev and Deb!! The two you look so happy and it bring a smile my face, we're so happy for you!!! She is absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to meet Lotus. She's a perfect age for Jack so we'll have to get them together to play.


Erin, Chris and Jack