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Friday, November 9, 2007

Rest of Today (Nov 9th 10:11 pm GZ )

Blogger is acting up, I can no longer view our blog. I can post still, just not view everything. Very strange. So anyway, today we went to the Banyan Buddist Temple, the Chen House, and an Art Craft Shopping area. In between,, Lotus had a bottle and a nap. I cannot remember if I told you in the last post, but we bought her a piece of jade for her 16th bday, to make a necklace out of for her. Very pretty. It is a circle which means happy family. The outing was nice but long. Afterwards, Kevin and Lotus took a nap while I while I went for an hour massage. It was nice and very relaxing. Later we went to the Cow & Bridge for dinner, this is the best place on the island to eat, the food is excellent and not very expensive. Dinner for two was less than 26 USD and that was including tip! Lotus sat in a highchair and played while we ate. She was content. We walked a very little bit after dinner, bought a few more things. I am getting tired of shopping, lol!

I have to say Lotus laughed today and smiled and hams it up for the camera. She babbles babababaaba and mamamamama and makes other noises which are not words. She was also walking a bit supported by me. While we were playing on the bed she did more crawling and turning over herself. It really has been great to see her blossom more each day! Cannot wait to see what tomorrow holds.


Deb , Kevin, and Lotus

Some pics to end our night:


Kellyann said...

I'm glad the medical is over for Lotus. Sorry that blogger is acting up.

Anonymous said...

We love to start our day by looking at your post and pics. You all look so happy! Can't wait to see you when you come back.

Love you,


Donna said...

Deb, I'm so enjoying your blog and pictures, Lotus is such a beauty and I'm glad to hear that she's really blossoming!!