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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pearl Market Trip and Sensory Overload for Mommy (Nov 11th 11:30 pm GZ)

Lotus is doing well and hamming it up for the camera. Playing more and more each day. She loves her showers in the morning. Still hates the diaper change and changing of clothes. I am sure that will eventually get better. Doing well with bottles (formula, cereal, and sneaking in baby food to change up the flavor). Whenever we are out the older chinese women fuss over Lotus and little kids do too. It can get overwhelming, but we smile and nod and give thumbs up. Alot ask us if we like baby, yes-yes of course we do. We walked to Pearl Market, the long way. We saw dried seahorses, star fishes, all kinds of mushrooms, lizards, etc. Then we went through the pet section, saw a bunch of cute puppies, kitties, hamsters, bunnies, parakeets, ducks and turtles. Lots of koi fish. It was very interesting and different all at the same time. The walk to the Pearl Market was exhuasting, it was hot and sometimes smelly. Lotus napped during part of it. I was able to buy a few strands of pearls, two strands are for Lotus' wedding day, I am going to make a necklace and double strand bracelet for her special day. She can decide if she wears them that day, if not they will be a keep sake for her from her country. After spending much time in the market, we eventually found KFC. Crazy busy, language barrier, and too many people. Mommy couldn't take it anymore (for those that know me, know I get claustrophobic when an area is over crowded, especially in elevators). We eventually got back to the hotel and took an hour nap before dinner at the White Swan with Rhonda, Bart, Ella, Adreanna, Addison, Carol, Renee, Kevin, Lotus, and me. It was all you can eat buffet, pricey, but good american food. It was very nice. Afterwards we went to Susan's Place to pick up some things that we bought yesterday and needed to be completed. And of course bought more stuff. Two new suitcases too, to help bring everything home. When we got back to the room Lotus played some more with us and the stacking cups and the tv remote control (she can change a channel and turn it off, lol, she like how the remote lights up) then she had a bottle and went to bed. She will sleep to about 6:30 am. Not bad, but mommy is tired and so is daddy! Here are some photos from today! Enjoy till tomorrow. We have a trip to the Guangzhou Zoo. Get to see the Panda Bear.

More photos tomorrow, need to down load my camera. Looking forward to coming home and everyone seeing Lotus and for us to see everyone! And for normal tv, food, shopping, driving a car, etc!
Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Teresa =) said...

Deb -

So glad things are going well! We've been so busy adjusting to life at home, I haven't checked on you for a few days!

Only a couple more days and you'll be home with your sweet baby!!!


Teresa =)
aka Carson's Mommy

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb--Lotus is so cute I can't wait to meet her. You and Kev look so happy. I can't imagine how excited you were and what an emotional moment when they handed her to you. Sounds like your having a great time in China and what a wonderful Idea buying her special momentums of China for her b-days and wedding. Your so thoughtful. Enjoy your time and when you get back and settle give me a shout so we can get together. Keep posting those pics they are great.