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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lotus is Blossoming! (Nov 8th 9 am GZ)

Yesterday was a very good day. We applied for Lotus' passport and we received our adoption registration. The family photo looks wonderful. We all had a group dinner at JM Chef with our guide Jocelyn, it was very good and had alot of choices and food for about 14 dollars for both kevin and I. It was great. Did more shopping, alot of squeaky shoes and gifts for Lotus for her b-days. Picked up a beautiful white chinese dress for her christening. She is blossoming every day. Last night we played on the bed, she spent time on her tummy and some crawling. She learned how to make one toy make meowing and barking noises. And how to close the door on the toy. She does love her stacking cups. She is still clingy but doing more play with us. She is also babbling alot more too. Getting a little better with diaper changes. Drank 4 huge bottles yesterday, does not like table food. Gave her piece of rice and she screamed and started drooling. She was not happy. Today is more shopping at the Guangzhou Department Store and other stores in same area. Love the shopping. Later today we have her physical and visa application to do, we are getting closer to coming home with our little princess. She has already managed to wrap Kevin around her little finger (think it happened the moment she was handed to us). More Photos from the past few days: Oh one more thing she does babble ma ma ma ma ma, I know she is not calling me that, but I can still bask in the glory of it! :)

Promise more photos later, need to make bottle and change the not so sweet smelling Lotus.
Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Donna said...

That last photo, with the stacking cup, is breathtaking!! Glad you're enjoying this journey and that she's feeling more comfortable!

Jguig said...

I just realized I can leave comments here. Doooh !

She gets more beautiful with every picture.

We can't wait to embrace her. We can't wait to learn of your experiences and how you've been affected by them, and by this little wonder.

Your courage and persistence is an inspiration to all of us.

She is so lucky to have two parents who will travel to the ends of the earth for her and give her a life filled with many wonders ahead.