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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Free Day ! Group Dinner at Cow & Bridge (Nov 10th 11:30 pm GZ)

Today we had a free day with no paper work or adoption stuff! Yippepepe! Kevin, Lotus, Ashley, Addie Grace, and I went back to the Good Buy Department Store and the Walking Street to shop some more, the island does get a bit boring at times. Same shops, same stuff. It was a good day, went to Mc D's again for lunch. Lotus is doing well, she is babbling more and smiling and pooping (lol, finally!). She is doing well with playing and holding. I have been sneaking baby food in her bottles to get use to other tastes since she refuses to put anything but a bottle in her mouth. I think she is teething, no fever, just some drooling. When we got back from shopping, we took naps and then went to dinner at the Cow & Bridge (the whole group) at the end we celebrated Ella's 4th bday (she is Rhonda and Randy's daughter). She was cute blowing out her candles. New for her, they really do not celebrate birthdays. So this was something new for her. After dinner, Kevin and I went to Susan's shop. Her husband Dong is from Wuchuan, they will take a photo of Lotus' finding place and send it to us along with other photos of Wuchuan. They told us today the area was by the beach. Her mother was smart, since it is very busy there and Lotus would be found quickly. I am glad that she was found quickly and found her way to us. I hate to admit this, but all the waiting, all the ups & downs, all the heart ache during the wait, was all so very worth it. You really do forget all about it once you are holding your baby in your arms. The first night with Lotus, I kept waking up and I would look to watch her breath. I am just in awe and am really enjoying motherhood. It is alot of work but the rewards are priceless. You cheer over the silliest things but these are milestones. She has impacted my life in such a way, it leaves me speechless. Ok, I cannot read the screen, as I am all teary so I will just post some photos from today.

Using the remote to the TV!!!!!!!!! She can use the ipod too, she forwards quickly through the pics, lol. Tomorrow is trip to the Pearl Market. More shopping, did you ever think you would hear me say I am tired of shopping! Going to bed, zzzzzzzzzzz!
Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Anonymous said...

Lotus is a beautiful little girl. I am truly enjoying reading your blog, it brings back so many wonderful memories. I did get a chuckle out of Dong's birthplace. When we were there he told us he was from Zhanjiang, our daughters birthplace..maybe the two places are close together:) Thanks for the memories, have a fantastic journey and make lots of memories to share with Lotus when she asks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb, Kevin and Lotus,

So glad to hear everything is going well on the other side of the world! Lotus continues to be the most photogenic baby in the world......sooooo dreamy! I cried a little too reading your post about the pain of the wait going away once you finally hold your baby.....so hard to explain to someone who is waiting, but so true.

We are cheering you on and enjoying following your trip of a lifetime!

Safe travels home.....can't wait to meet Lotus (and you and Kevin for that matter!)

Kate Morrison

Donna said...

No fair, Deb, making ME tear up!! She's so sweet, and I'm so happy that you're a mommy now!

Anonymous said...

Your comments are so touching. You are a great Mom already. Lotus is a very lucky little girl to have you and Kevin. We are so excited over here!! Can't wait until you get home so we can give all of you a big hug.
Love you,

jcoonsjr said...

She is soooo beautiful. You made me cry like a baby, tears of joy of course. Lotus is a very lucky little girl to have both of you as mommy and daddy. Can't wait for all you to get home and give hugs and kisses. Congrats again and hurry home. luv ya guys all THREE of you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.
P.S. Now Bella will have a new playmate.