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Monday, November 5, 2007

WE HAVE LOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nov 5th 8:44 pm)

We received Lotus after 4 pm, she was the 4th one out of 7 children. She was the only one that did not cry. They brought her out wearing her b-day crown we sent her for her b-day back in September! It was adorable! She was laughing and cooing and took to both of us! She did spit up and needed to be changed (Kevin was lifting her up over his head and down again). She does not like to be changed, she fuss a tiny bit. She loves to be held and walked around. We did find out she likes the stroller and I am moving it back and forth. Think she is about to doze offf! Eyes are closing. She waves hello and babbles alot. She was walking at the Civil Afairs Office if I supported under her arms. She is waving hello in her sleep right now, too cute! She has not taken a bottle yet, but I sure she will be hungry soon! She is sooooooooooo precious, she likes to hug and snuggle. We are truly blessed! Here are some photos from today:

Well, Papa John's Pizza is here time to eat dinner! Will post more later! WE miss everyone and cannot wait for Lotus to meet her family.
Deb , Kevin and Lotus


Carrie&Aaron said...

wooo-hooooo! so happy for you!

Hongyu said...

Wow, I am so excited for you. Lotus is sooooo cute. Can't wait to see her !

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you. She is adorable.

Kevin, Laura & Emma

Jen said...

Hi Deb and Kevin,

Lotus is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations!!! Enjoy every minute with her!

Jen Miles

Kellyann said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to meet her in person. Enjoy GZ, it is awesome. I hope your tummy is feeling better. WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD!!! We are so excited for you.

Donna said...

Deb!! Lotus is beautiful and the pictures are great...especially the one with Dad getting all emotional in the background :) So happy for you!!!!!

Sharon Flath said...

Thats a moment you will never forget!!!