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Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally Some Time to Update

The last few days in China were busy and tiring, also with the internet connection was very slow which made it even harder to post. So here it goes;

On Wednesday the 14th was our Consulate Appointment for all our paperwork. We had to wait in our room till Jocelyn called to say all our paperwork passed and we good to go, our Visa for Lotus was granted. Afterwards we met up with Adreanna and family for lunch. The group also met at 3:30 for the Famous Red Couch Photos at the White Swan. They came out pretty good. Then we did some shopping later and then had Papa John's for dinner before the cruise on the Pearl River. The cruise was nice, especially when all the buildings lit up. Lotus did well and she is sleeping well (in China).

On Thursday, we took the oath at the US Consulate and received Lotus' passport with Visa and all other important paperwork. The group did one last dinner at the Cow & Bridge, (before dinner Lotus did repeat mommy saying ooohhhh phah, it was pretty funny). Of course it was really good as usual. Before our oath appointment we went to a very local restuarant and had lunch. The staff fawned all over Lotus and wanted to hold her and walk away with her. We had a chicken dish, which had chicken feet in it. Kevin tried the feet and then spit them out. We also did some last minute shopping and picked up the granite slate engraving of Lotus. Later that night it took forever to pack and did not get to sleep till late and then up very early for all our plane rides.

On Friday, we had to be in the lobby by 5:30 am. Crazy!!!!! We then went to the Guangzhou Airport to fly to Hong Kong. The flight was not too bad, but the take off and landing was hard on Lotus. We got to Hong Kong, had to wait forever to get our ticket. We also had to go through security again. Afterwards at our gate we bought some drinks for the plane (which you are allowed to do once past security), I bought water for Lotus' bottle and there was one more check point where you board! They made me throw out the water. I explained it was for formula, that did not matter. Needless to say I was not happy. The flight was long and tiring. Lotus did well, she had some moments. And of course the other passengers gave dirty looks, not much I could do. When we finally touch down in Newark, we had to go through Immigration and Lotus was congratulated and welcomed a USA citizen. She was asleep. Then we went got our luggage and went through customs. Finally, we made it through ! Both Mom-Mom and Grandma, Ian, Eric and Colleen were waiting for us to welcome us home. Plus Jimmy and Karin were there to pick us up and take us home. I could not wait to go home!

Once we got home, everyone stayed for a bit and Sandy, Jay, Tara, and Brendan came over too. It was nice to see everyone and have everyone meet Lotus.

Lotus did not sleep through the night, she was still on China time. It has been a tough 11 days, I think I am over the jet lag. We are all sick with a cold, which also has not been fun. Trying very hard to get Lotus on a schedule. She will wake up a few times a night screaming. I go in and rock her back to sleep which works for a bit. My sleep has been crazy and have not really been able to do much until late last week.

We went over to Mom-Mom's for Thanksgiving, it was nice to spend time with the family. Lotus and I went shopping the day before and the day after Thanksgiving. It was great to get out of the house. Saturday I took Lotus up to Kevin's work to see everyone. It went very well.

Lotus is blossoming every day. Tonight went to get her photo taken with Santa, it was great because she did not scream. She did eat some baby ball cookies today, that was a first. I have been working with her playing with food on her tray. I did have to put the cookies in her mouth but she ate them and was chewing them. Great strides. She also has been sucking her thumb and fingers which makes me happy to see her starting to show hand mouth coordination. She plays well and has been standing up alot on her own. Few steps with help. I think she will be taking off soon! Wednesday is her appointment at CHOP. I am interested to see where she is at developmentally.

Now that I am catching up on things and able to find more time, I will be posting more to keep everyone up to date. Thank you for reading our travel entries! It was great to read all the comments.


Deb, Kevin and Lotus

PS I forgot to tell you all that Lotus did raspberries for the first time today while we were in the car on the way to the mall. It was too cute.

The animals are also doing well with the transition. (Although we are fearful she might be allergic to the dog or the long haired cat, thinking the dog, yikes!)

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