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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Left Hong Kong Now in GZ (Nov 4th (GZ) 11:18 pm)

We left HKG late this morning and arrived in GZ in the afternoon. It was a quick flight, only like 30 minutes. We checked into the Victory and once we changed rooms once due to only 1/4 of a closet and no drawers for clothes. Trust me we needed a bit more space for the next 12 days, especially once we get our crib in the morning the room will be very crowded. So we got settled and unpacked. We went on a tour of Shamian Island. We went in and out of stores to check out for the next several days and ate dinner at Lucy's. I had a grilled cheese and fries, Kevin had a roast beef sandwhich, nice to have home foods. There were sooooo many adoptive families at Lucy's with their children, was weird to think that will be us tomorrow. BTW, our gotcha time is 3:30 pm , have to wait the whole day!!!!! I hope it goes by quick. It probably will, have alot to do, meeting with guide, go to bank, drop off laundry etc. Oh well, getting tired and tummy hurts (cannot figure out what I ate or drank to cause it, hope it goes away!) Here are some pics below:

More tomorrow, tummy really hurting!!!!!!!!!!
Deb and Kevin


Anonymous said...


You tummy has to be nerves since you don't recall eating anything out of the ordinary. Don't forget that when you order soda, get it without ice. Can't wait to see a picture of all 3 of you.

Laura, Kevin & Emma Buchko

Donna said...

Feel better, Deb!! Anxious to check your site again tomorrow!!

Deb & Kevin said...

thanks guys. figured it out, took excedrin for headache and forgot that upsets my stomach! Have to remember to stick with advil.