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Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost a month since Gotcha Day

Cannot believe it has been almost a month since Gotcha Day. Lotus has changed alot since the first day we were united. Last Wednesday we went to CHOP to have Lotus evaulated, she is at about an 11 mos level, with some skills between 8-10 mos. They were impressed with her attachment/bonding, the whole time she was playing with the OT specialist she kept checking back to see me and touch me for reassurance. I do have to call EI for help with eating and her fine motor skills. She should catch up in no time. The Dr thought she was doing very well for being in an orphanage for 14 mos.
Since we have been home Lotus has started to hold her own bottle, starting to get on a sleep schedule (for the most part), she has blown raspberries, starting taking many steps while holding your hands (or fingers), she is babbling alot more (alot of dadadaddada and she loves to growl at you), she does shake her head NO alot, trying to teach her to shake her head YES, lol. She loves her baths and showers. We also have been playing with pudding, yogurt, and baby food on her highchair tray. One night she got very messy with the yogurt. I have been able to feed her a little bit of baby food on a spoon. I am sure she will be eating food in no time.

I will leave you with some photos;


Sharon said...

he is just beautiful! I love to hear all the details, so thank you for posting them. I know I have told you before but I am really paying attention to how it is oging for you. Good for you for being calm about the delay. I have heard many times that they catch up very soon but it is scary. I love the bonding! Yea! ahppy dance about that!! Take good care and keep having a fatastic, special time and KEEP Posting!! haha

art said...

Lotus looks great!!! Can you believe it has been a month since our daughters were placed in our arms??? It seems like they have been with us forever.

Adreanna & Addison

Ronda said...

Thanks for the blog address...Lotus is looking great. Glad to hear things are going better. We logged onto You-Tube and watched Lotus's Gotcha Video...seems like a distant memory being in that building getting our daughters. I will be checking your blog for updates.
Take Care,
Ronda, Bart and Ella

Anonymous said...

Lotus is such a cutie! I love her name. She looks so tiny in the picures. How much does she weigh? I am trying to plan out clothing sizes for when we get Jadalyn. Looks like I have plenty of time!

LID 8-8-06

child's name - Jadalyn Cashion