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Monday, December 17, 2007

We Have been home 30 days!

I find it hard to believe that yesterday we have been home for 30 days with Lotus and she turned 15 months yesterday too! Lotus has changed so much since the very first day we met her in Guangzhou on Nov 5th. Her personality is starting to form and she is such a ham! The faces she makes and the laughing. She cracks me up and makes me smile, even when she has woken me up a few times that night. She definitely knows who her da da da is, when she sees him for the first time each day she gets this huge grin on her face. She babbles dadadadaa, bababababa, and maamamamammmm, and some other indistinguishable words. She makes the clicking sound with her tongue and kissies (but will only kiss her stuffed animals), raspberries and other mouth related noises(big improvement, hoping this will help with her hand/mouth aversion eating issue).
She has been listening to music and songs, loves Old McDonald and All the Colors of the Rainbow. She dances to songs her little learning puppy sings and hugs her puppy too. It is too cute, she moves her shoulders up and down. She can sit in her big girl chair and likes to look outside. She has been warming up to visitors alot quicker, not so shy anymore. She is understanding more words, helps me undress and dress herself. I could go on and on..........

I will miss our special morning time when I go back to work, when she wakes up we lay on the floor and she will snuggle with me and lay her head on my tummy and look up at me and give me the eyes with a big smile. It melts my heart, makes being a mommy all so worth it. I know there will come a time when she is too old for that, but I will take it for as long as I can get it! She also loves to pull her shoes out of the closet, into her shoes like her mommy. I will most likely be in big trouble when she is a teenager! Lol.

Lotus was definitely meant to be a part of our family. She fits in so perfectly. Enjoy the pics below!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


art said...

Deb, Kevin & Lotus,

I have been thinking about you alot the past few weeks. I was so excited to see an update on your blog! Lotus looks beautiful and both you and Kevin's smiles say it all!! I am so glad to hear she is doing so well. What a wonderful Christmas for both of our families.

Adreanna, Bob, Nathan & Addison

PS - Addison has the exact same outfit --- the one from Target with the leggings. Too Cute!!

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie pie! I love the picture with the cat and the one relaxing in the chair! How sweet. I bet Santa is going to be very good to Lotus!

Merry Christmas!

LID 8-8-06

child's name - Jadalyn Cashion