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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yippppeee! Yoo-Hoo and the Straw!

Lotus can and did drink from a straw yesterday! We have Yoo-Hoo in the juice type box and Lotus actually drank from the straw! Over the weekend it was Mommy squirting it in her mouth and Lotus running back for more. She started to not mind the straw in her mouth a few days ago but wasn't sure what to do with it. So with a little practice and the love of Yoo-Hoo, Lotus can do it. This may seem like a minor accomplishment to some, however, this is one step closer to saying bye-bye to Lotus' Bo-Bot, which is Lotus speak for her bottle. We may skip sippy cups and go right to cups and juice boxes. Great Job Lotus!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

PS Potty training to start soon!


Teresa =) said...

Deb -

Isn't it fun to watch these amazing kids learn and grow?? Today it's the straw...blink your eyes and you'll be posting "Lotus learned how to drive today." LOL!! Enjoy every moment!!

Teresa =)

art said...

Great news!!1 I wish Addison would drink from a staw - we have been trying but she would rather bite it.

Lotus' hair is getting long - she looks great.


Michelle said...

That's exactly how we taught Lilyann to drink from a straw, by getting a juice box, putting the straw in her mouth, and squeezing the box at first so the juice would come out. It worked great! Way to go Lotus!