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Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week.........

Lotus has been doing great with her eating. She self feeds for the most part by hand, tries the fork and spoon here and there. She is starting to eat a little bit of everything. We went out to dinner on Monday at the Red Lobster. Lotus enjoyed popcorn shrimp and french fries and applesauce. She was funny, because while I was getting her spoon to give her the applesauce she was already digging in with the spoon in the bowl. She enjoyed tomatoes and cucumbers from our salads and absolutely deavoured the pieces of lobster her daddy gave her. She ate alot and fed herself most of the time. She was so well behaved, even the waiter mentioned how good she was. Close by us was a little boy close to her age who was acting up. Lotus kept looking at him. She continued to eat. I think she was enjoying the food too much to even think of being bad! Lotus is on her way. It feels so good to see her blossom. She will be eating her birthday cake on her own in September!


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

1 comment:

Teresa =) said...

Way to go, Lotus!! You keep on impressing those adults, girlie!!

Waiting for the pictures...

Teresa =)