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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lotus' Accomplishments

Lotus has been doing a great job eating! She can feed herself waffles, gold fish, cheerios, toast, etc. She will eat almost anything that will melt in her mouth or that she does not have to really chew or bite. She will gladly eat ice cream and chocolate cake. And yesterday she had a brownie for the first time. She was hysterical on a brownie high afterwards! We are so proud of our little girl for all the milestones she has accomplished. She is learning more and more each day. She surprises us every day with something new. And her personality is adorable, she can really put on the charm and be a ham in a crowd. Can you tell we are proud parents? I know that if our little girl can accomplish as much as she has in 6 months, she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too! We have a feeling that she is going to go places in her life!

Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Handwoven Dreams said...

Just wanted to wish you both and beautiful Lotus, Happy Six Months home! She is indeed so adorable and precious :o)

Take care!

Kevjoemcg said...

Let me just clarify for the record that my dear wife talks about feeding our sweet child cake, ice cream and brownies in no less then two posts on this blog page we in no way feed her these things on a regular basis.

Michelle said...

That's funny! It never crossed my mind that you were feeding her that all the time. Of course she is getting a well balanced diet! She has great parents!

art said...

What is wrong with eating brownines and ice cream all the time?!?!? Glad to hear that Lotus is doing well. I love reading the posts BUT where are the pics?!?!


Ronda said...

Wow-I just caught up...so much going on at your house. A diamond ring and Lotus' getting a brownie high. Glad things are going well.