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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Play Date with Hallie on Saturday!

On Saturday, Lotus and I met up with Hongyu, Zhe, and their daughter Hallie at the Ground for Sculpture (a very cool place). I met Hongyu and family while working at Gymboree last year. We have kept in touch since I have left. Their daughter, Hallie, is 6 days younger than Lotus. It was so exciting to have a play date with them. I have not seen Hallie since October, boy has she grown so much. This was the first time they all met Lotus. The Grounds for Sculpture was very cool, all kinds of sculptures throughout the park and beautiful landscaping. Ohhh, and it is Peacock season, so Lotus got to see all the birds. We also happened upon a momma duck with her babies. Lotus was very excited. Lotus was a bit more shy than Hallie, but towards the end Lotus was running all over the place. She prefered to walk and not use the stroller. It was a wonderful outing and Lotus and I had a great time with Hongyu, Zhe, and Hallie. They are very nice people and I am glad to have met them. Enjoy the pics. (alot are from Zhe, thank you for sending them to me!)


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus


Teresa =) said...

Deb --

What an adorable collage of two gorgeous little girls!! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Teresa =)

Ronda said...

Wow-Lotus is getting big and changing so much. Those little girls are adorable. Yeah to Lotus for drinking out of a straw-the milestones are huge with these girls.

Kellyann said...

Where is that place? Sounds neat! How cool that you got to go on a play date. Lotus is growing and changing so much.