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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lotus Eats Wonton Soup and more

Lotus has been doing very well with eating. She started out with mashed potatoes and would anything as long as mashed potatoes (eventually it was mashed sweet potatoes) were mixed in. Mommy got very crafty sneaking in mac and cheese, oatmeal, chicken nuggets). She has been doing well. She likes messy play, so much when I went out with a friend for dinner, she tried to messy play in her plate. I was in shock, luckily my friend didn't mind. Lotus has been letting me feed her the gerber puffs again, which is great. She also has been sucking her thumb more and sucking on her stuffed animals (lol). On Sunday when we were at a Chinese New Year celebration, I was eating Wonton soup and decided to give her some with the big soup spoon, she loved it and wanted more and more. She would suck the soup from the huge spoon (after blowing some bubbles) and was letting me feed her the wonton noodle. How cool is that!!!!! She has also stuck her fingers in her mouth with some baby food and started sucking too. Our little girl is on her way! The other night she had marshmellow filling from a scooter pie at her mom-mom's she was crazed over it. Once she was done with some she was sticking her tongue out for more. I notice a big change in how she plays with some toys and how she is picking up her spoon and fork. She still won't feed herself but she will fed her ma-ma and da-da. I think she is about ready to start talking away, she mouths the word bye-bye and it sounds like she has been saying hi when you first walk into her room. Once she starts I am sure she will not stop, she'll probably talk in her sleep. She is such a high energy girl! I will post some pics and try to post the video of the wonton soup!

On another note, early intervention sessions should be starting soon. There were a few issues that are getting worked out. I would have liked them to start sooner than later, however, I will make sure this situation is a learning experience for all those involved. Lotus will start soon and she will be on her way to making great strides! She has already come so far. This Saturday we will be home 3 months and I am amazed how much she has changed. Sometimes I for get she is only 17 months, she gets around so well, walking and running, and running, and running, lol. Sometimes she is hard to keep up with! Gotta Runn after her.............. check out pics below


Deb, Kevin, and Lotus

Pics from Chinese New Year Celebration

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