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Friday, September 14, 2007

Good News!

This has been a crazy week and a half, we received our TPII on 9/4 and our LOA on 9/05 this means our TA should be coming in 2-3 weeks. We received an email that our Visas will be delivered to us on Monday, yeah ! I have been reorganizing the house like crazy, cleaning, throwing out clutter and old stuff. Making room for baby, lol! It is driving the cats and dog crazy, they do not like it when I move stuff around. This weekend I will be finishing the basement and upstairs. At some point I will help Kevin with his garage project, hopefully we can get that done before we leave. We received an update on Lotus late yesterday. She is growing so much, she has gained about 1 lb and grown 2 inches! Lotus can crawl now, stand up holding something, has not taken any steps yet. Since July she has 4 teeth. Apparently she is a happy baby that can be fussy sometimes. I cannot wait to kiss those cheeks, tell her I love her and it is going to be ok. Soon!

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