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Monday, July 13, 2009

Preview for Fun Fall Activities

It will be a very exciting fall this year in our household. Our little princess will be 3 years old and can sign up for organized activities. In September, Lotus will be starting weekly dance (ballet and tap) class and playing fall soccer. I figure this will not be too much for Lotus since soccer is only for 6 weeks and will be a nice change to our schedules on Saturday mornings, shake it up a bit. Since she is joining two activities in the same month, plus her birthday is in September, I figured we would get her soccer gear this month and her dance attire next month. This way, in September, after our vacation we wouldn't be rushing around trying to get everything. Today we went to pick up her cleats, shin guards, and ball for soccer. She was so cute at D*ck's Sporting Goods, trying to play ladder ball in the aisle . After we tried one pair of cleats, she didn't want to take them off. Good thing the first pair fit. She insisted on wearing them home. After dinner she played in the back yard with her cleats and soccer shorts, she couldn't wait to have them back on, she might have slept with them if I didn't make her take them off. I hope she keeps this excitement going. Of course I have photos to share. Enjoy........


Kate said...


Where is my baby Lotus??? Where??? She looks so stinkin' cute and grown up. I am sure she is going to love all of her activities!!!

Hope you are enjoying summer!!!

Kellyann said...

You are going to have a busy fall! Sounds like a ton of fun for Lotus. Love the pictures. She looks like a natural with the soccer cleats.

Carrie said...

Wow she has gotten so big!

Laura said...

Deb, she is gonna have so much fun at soccer. emma on the other hand has done fall & spring and said she needed a break. Can you believe it a break. I told her that her break was over the summer. If I sign her up, she probably won't be with LoLo as they have 3 sessions and try to match up by ages. I think Emma would be with the 5 year olds.. I can't wait to see more pictures once she starts her activities.


Jennifer said...

Baby Lotus is growing up!!! She looks so cute in her soccer gear!


Anonymous said...

How cute is she! Can't wait till she starts. Kids this age are so cute on the field.