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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm A Big Girl Now!

I am very excited to share that Lotus has been using Pull-Ups since last week on a consisent basis. She loves to wear them, if I dare try to put on a diaper, she screams PULLLLL-UPPPPP! They are the encouragement she needed, esepecially since candy and stickers did not really work. She understands these are big girl pants ans she is to go on the potty, not in her Pull-Up. If she does go in her Pull-Up, she then needs to switch back to her diaper for a period of time. It seems to be working for the most part except when she gets really wrapped up in playing or when I sometimes forget and then we have a wet Pull-Up. We try to keep her in them all day except for nap and bedtime and she has been doing quite well. She definitely is interested now. Some of it might have to do with school. Her teacher is working with her classmates and her on a regular basis on Potty How To's. Not to mention, one classmate is wearing underwear! This week her teacher is going to work with Lotus and her Pull-Ups during school days too. Hopefully we will be out of diapers soon! Check out the Potty Dance e-card below, it is too cute.



Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Way to go Lotus!! That is a big step:)

Hope all is well....I hope to see next weekend!


Kellyann said...

Go Lotus, Go Lotus! Great job little Miss. Jace is so proud. Soon you'll be wearing big girl pants.

Jennifer said...

Good Job Lotus!!! Your teacher is a great helper! She is the one who started Katie's potty training.


Trish said...

Whoo Hooo Lotus. You are such a big girl. IzzyB is trying real hard as well. i showed her the potty dance so we can do it too!

Natalie said...

WOW Lotus, you are such a big girl.
Hi Deb, I just found your blog. I enjoyed my visit and your daughter is a cutie.
If I could just get my 2 year old to want to go potty! I'll have to show her the potty song. Thanks.

Teresa =) said...

Haven't checked in on you in a while...glad to see Miss Lotus is doing so well! I LOVE the picture on the side bar under "Lotus is 29 months"...gorgeous!! Can't believe that's the little baby girl we met in the Victory dining room just 15 months ago!!

Tell Kevin that Carson is still an Ultraman fiend...kinda rediscovered after a year of Spiderman-mania. He now begs us DAILY to watch the Ultraman videos we bought in China. Man, those things are cheesy and annoying!

Take care!

Teresa =)