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Monday, November 17, 2008

It Only Takes a Second......

Last Thursday night Lotus and I were enjoying the night together. We had ate dinner, had a bath, made some cookies for daddy, and were just doing some things around the house before bed. It was supposed to be an early night since Lotus had school the next day and I had a huge presentation to give at work. I had called Lotus into her room to have her pick out her clothes for the next day. She didn't come right away, just as I was going to get her, I heard one of our dogs growl and snap, then Lotus screamed and came running out to me. At first I thought maybe he frightened her. I picked her up, checked her face, all was OK. Then she showed me her hand. One of our dogs had bit her hand, at first I could not tell how bad it was because of the amount of blood. I quickly wrapped her hand. And tried to call my brother-in-law (he is a nurse). I could barely dial the phone. He was on his way and then I called Kevin at work who was going to meet us at the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, they took us back right away. They looked at her hand, she needed to get the wound cleaned out (because dogs mouth are not as clean as everyone thinks) and get stitches. They needed to papoose her so she would not fight and move. I only wished I could take the pain away from her, that I could trade places with Lotus. Once she had her stitches, she started to calm down and then we waited for the antibiotics. Finally, it was home to bed after midnight. I share this story with you, to remind you, that dogs are dogs. They can be unpredictable. Lotus has been taught early on to not pull tails or ears and to pet nicely. She has always listened. Our dog has been great with her, very protective actually. If Kevin plays too rough with her, the dog would bark at him to say "Hey Stop It". Unfortunately, this time, from what I can gather, she tripped over a sleeping dog and he thought the other dog was going after him. I am grateful that her hand is doing well and she will be OK. I am sad one of our dogs needs to find a new home. Please be careful with your children and your pets.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Poor Lotus!! I am so glad it was only a couple of stitches that were needed! You are right....it only takes one second......I am so sorry that you are having to find a new home for you dog, but it sounds like it is the only choice that you have....hang in there.


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so sorry for little Lotus! We had never had a dog until about 6 months before we went to China, and Miranda got a puppy. Unfortunately, over this summer we had to find her a new home. She started attacking our cats, and then she attacked a little 2 yr. old girl in the face one day. I had to sell her right away, and she went to a home that only had teens. Miranda still misses her, but I knew we couldn't keep her after that. You are right, you just never know what a dog might do! So sorry!!

Kate said...

Oh yikes...so upsetting to see that! I guess ou just never know. I am so sorry this happened!

Teresa =) said...

Oh my goodness, poor Lotus! I have always been deathly afraid of dogs (in a family of dog lovers, of course) and this scenario is exactly why. Dogs may be domesticated, but they are still animals -- and animals can be unpredictable. I'm so sorry Miss Lotus had her first experience with stitches...hopefully it's her last!!

Give her a hug from Carson!

Teresa =)

Jennifer said...

Poor Lotus!

I saw her little hand wrapped up at school.


p.s. She looked super cute in her MJ knot dress!

Laura said...


I'm so sorry for lotus. Poor thing. I'm sad for the decision that you have to make for your dog too. It's the best thing you can do. I'll be thiningof you.