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Friday, July 25, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

I was recently tagged by Trish who was in China last Nov adopting her daughter Izzy, when we were adopting our daughter Lotus. The rules of tagging is to list six words that describe me and tag five new people. Here are my six words;

Organized, everything needs to be organized! I hate clutter, when my house becomes cluttered it clutters my mind and I must organize and fix the clutter. My therapy is organizing a closet or cabinet. Everything needs a place, bins, baskets, oh my! Now of course with an almost 2 year old, I have had to learn to deal with some clutter. Hopefully this will rub off on Lotus.

Planner, there needs to be a plan! I need to know what time are we leaving, where are we going, what are we doing, etc. Not that we cannot deviate from the plan, I can be spontaneous (as a almost two year old will let me) and throw caution to the wind. I just prefer to be prepared. In my job I deal with project management on a daily basis, so I guess this has filtered to my home life. As long as I do not chart out our next vacation in excel we should be good. Although for our trip to China there were lots of spread sheets and lists!

Demanding, yes I can be! I hate to admit it. I do want things when I want them, not when people feel like getting around to it. I think impatient might be a better word! Sometimes I expect more from people since I expect so much from myself. My husband does a pretty good job of putting up with my impatience.

Humble (Modest), do not need the spotlight, do not want praise for random acts of kindness. I like to do the things I do because I want to do them, not for any notoriety or praise.

Loyal, very faithful to family and friends, through hard times and good times I will stand by you and support you. I believe a person's wealth is not measured by money or materialistic things but by who you are as a person and how you treat others.

Blessed, I am loved very much by my husband, daughter, and family. We live in a house filled with love; we tell each other and show each other everyday. I am thankful Kevin came into my life six years ago. We have created wonderful life together and have a very bright future ahead of us.

Whew, that was tough! Now for the next group of victims! I am tagging the following people;

Hopefully you will play along!

Take care,



Trish said...

I love organized and planning people. Someone after my heart. thank you for playing along.

BTW Lotus needs to come and show Izzy what to do with the potty! She keeps jumping up too soon and then she is peeing on the floor!

Kellyann said...

Thanks for the tag chickie!
It is nice to learn a few things about you too.